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PCA (P)(2017) 06 Community pharmacist supplementary and independent prescribing clinics: funding arrangements for 2017-18 22/06/2017 pdf icon view details
PCA(D)(2017)02 Scotland’s oral health plan: analysis of responses 21/06/2017 pdf icon view details
CMO(2017)07 National standard for monitoring the physical health of people being treated with Lithium 14/06/2017 pdf icon view details
DL(2017)13 Additional funding for CGMs and Adult Insulin Pumps 2017-18 12/06/2017 pdf icon view details
Health and Social Care Standards: My support, my life 09/06/2017 view details
PCA(P)(2017)05 Pharmaceutical Services amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 7 in respect of reimbursement arrangements from 1 june 2017 and Drug Tariff Part 7 and part 11 - Discount Clawback Scale 09/06/2017 pdf icon view details
Approved Medical Practitioners: Section 22 update June 2017 01/06/2017 pdf icon view details
DL(2017)11 Revised payment verification protocols: General Dental Services, Primary Medical Services, General Ophthalmic Services, Pharmaceutical Services 22/05/2017 pdf icon view details
DL(2017)12 Medical specialty training intake numbers for 2018 19/05/2017 pdf icon view details
Drug alert 06/2017 ver 2 Drug alert class 2 no 6 version 2 2017: action within 48 hours [FDC International Ltd. - Sodium Cromoglicate eye drops] 19/05/2017 pdf icon view details

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